Monday, January 31, 2011

"Hostess with the Mostest"

So last week I had to draw on my superhuman energy reserves to get through 6 days of non-stop go-go-go action, from early morning until the wee hours of the night! Apart from my regular work schedule, I was also asked to be the hostess of the Boracay International Funboard Cup competition: an annual kite boarding and wind surfing competition held practically on my doorstep.

Every day the competitors would race (while I was at work), and then every evening there was a fun event planned – all around the theme of Reality TV shows! We had a Welcome dinner that ended in a Fear Factor challenge, an 80’s party that involved a Project Runway make-your-own-crazy-costume challenge, a fashion show for the sponsors coinciding with a Boracay’s Next Top Model night, a VERY elegant White Party (cocktails and raffles), and then a Boracay’s Got Talent competition on the last night – where my very butch and manly husband lip-synched his way through a 5-man Spice Girl drag cabaret act, complete with make-up (self-applied!), purple wig, and sexy corset and hot pants!!! (See pic)

Initially I found it rather daunting, to be honest. I have never hosted anything before, and to suddenly be standing in front of a room full of mostly strangers, introducing sponsors that I’ve never met before, with a TV camera light shining directly in my face and blinding me… whew!!! But as the days progressed and time wore on, I eased into the role completely, and by the end of it all I was casual, comfortable… and so exhausted that I had no more energy to be nervous!!! :)

The dinners were delicious, the parties were fun, and I relished the opportunity to get dressed up and made up (and even wear high heels again!) for 6 nights in a row! Of course, when it was all over, I was delighted to have a break again, and go straight back into my easy-breezy low maintenance island existence.

But I feel honoured that I was asked to do this. I am blessed at the opportunities which present themselves to me, and I can only hope that I portrayed this joy and gratitude in the delivery. I like to think that I did.

By Sunday, I was DEAD. But delighted. After a full day in bed, watching movies, eating junk, cuddling with my handsome hubby, and basking in the glow of my life, I am ready to hit the world again with full force! Next week we're going away to Bohol with friends. Watch this space! xox

Your happy hostess.

The Spice Girls! (Hottie in the purple wig = Husband)

Me 'n mah grrrls. We ROCK the 80's!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day

WELCOME TO 2011 !!!

Today seems the perfect day to begin this years' blogging! What a week it's been!

Firstly, I'm back at work - back into the swing of things, back into my everyday/ idyllic life - after my first ever family Christmas with my new Filipino in-laws. And the holidays were FUN! New Year's Eve on Boracay Island is an insane affair, with giant platforms filled with fireworks rigged about 50 metres into the sea. The island virtually EXPLODES in bright, beautiful colour and light and noise for over 30 minutes. In a word: SPECTACULAR!!!

Secondly, with the help of 2 beloved friends and a beloved father-of-a-friend, I have managed to register for a postgrad degree in Education this year! This is something I've been meaning to do for years now, but the thought of wading through South African bureaucracy to collect all the necessary paperwork and then submit said paperwork to more bureaucratic institutions made me numb. Friends (with dads) in high places made it all happen! I even have my exam dates already! So I'll be studying part-time via correspondence for the next 2 years, at the end of which I'll be renting a lovely little place in Cape Town for 3 months with my 2 wonderful co-conspirators while we fulfill the practical teaching requirement. Happy Days! I'm SO psyched for this!

Then today, I had a meeting with someone from the mayor's office, and I will be getting my official volunteer card made up imminently! Ever since I got here, I've wanted to get involved in how things work and how things are run on the island! I want to make things BETTER! I want to change things, implement sound policies, save the beauty that still exists before it is devoured by the greed-monster - rather than be one of those people who sits around complaining and does NOTHING. That's just not my thing. Obviously. Soooooo... THAT'S going to be an exciting addition to this year too!

And finally - the Boracay FunBoard Cup starts next week and I've been asked to be one of the hosts of the party events at night! What a rush! What an honour! Granted, I probably just got the gig because I have a REALLY big mouth and am particularly good at telling people what to do... but still. My role will be to run the games evenings and such. There are so many fun nights lined up - I can't wait!

Apart from that - I am still loving my friends, loving our home, loving my island, loving my students, loving nights out, and deeply and profoundly and oh-so-sweetly in love with my darling husband.

Life is good, life is beautiful, and here's to a fabulous new year!!! It's turning out just GRAND so far...